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Phone: 757-545-8050

A Ministry of Cathedral of Faith COGIC
The staff at Cathedral of Faith Christian School aims to provide an education that is designed to meet individual needs and insure a degree of success.  This includes helping children.......
1. To have an independent walk with Christ in a way that inspires them to govern their behavior without external control
To stress positive behavior as exemplified by Christ as a means of helping children to apply biblical principles to everyday life.
2. To develop social interaction skills and respect the rights of others
A child learns to give and share, as well as receive affection.  He learns about working in groups, what taking turns mean, what thinking about others mean.  We want each child to also develop concepts identifying adult- child and role play.
3. To develop small and large motor skills
To discover, explore, experiment and play with variety of materials, objects and tools to develop eye-hand coordination.
4. To develop visual and listening skills
To see and hear words, phrases and stories.  To develop the ability to create, re-tell, and dramatize.  To interpret signs, symbols and pictures, to become familiar with letter forms.
5. To begin to understand the physical body
We want to produce children who understand the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and will care for it through good hygiene, health practices and nutrition.
6. To foster the development of language and communication skills
The early childhood years are teh time to develop vocabulary, and appreciation for books, and comprehensive skills.  We also want to stimulate creativity and imagination.
7. To begin to understand and control the physical world
To be responsive to the world around them, to have an understanding of cause and effect, to be able to find and use information. 
8. To develop music appreciation and auditory discrimination
To encourage expression through music by singing, composing, dancing, playing, humming, clapping and using variety of musical instruments.  To recognize and compare environmental sounds of animals, motors, musical instruments and nature.